Performance Features

PCM® Engines

The GS24 comes equipped with the 5.3L PCM® ZZ5 direct-injection engine that provides incredible performance and reliability. You can also opt up to the 6.2L PCM ZZ6 engine which is also a direction-injection engine that delivers 450HP. For even more power, the brand-new Supercharged PCM ZZ8R is a 6.2L engine providing 570HP.

GS24 Hull

The all-new hull of the Super Air Nautique GS24 was created with the highest priority on versatility. Created for the large crew who likes to mix up their activities when on the water, the GS24 is the ultimate large-scale multi-sport model. The hull was inspired by characteristics from our world record-setting ski boats along with features from our award-winning G-Series in order to deliver world-class wakes and waves for everyone.


Nautique is proud to offer our integrated connectivity platform called MyNautique on the Super Air Nautique GS24. With the ability to remotely view your GS24’s fuel level, location, battery voltage and other important information, MyNautique allows you to connect virtually to your boat from your phone or computer.

Supplemental Ballast

The GS24 has a Supplemental Ballast option for those days on the water when your entire crew can’t come along. Designed to act as supplemental weight to offset your smaller crew, this option includes two 250-pound sacks, one in each rear compartment, with dedicated pumps that are plumbed into the ballast system and will automatically fill and empty via the LINC Panoray Touchscreen.

Nautique Steering Assist

Nautique Steering Assist

New for the GS24, the widely popular Nautique Steering Assist option provides exceptional maneuverability for your boat. This stern-mounted thruster allows you to quickly move the transom of the boat to the left or right at the touch of a button and significantly improves the driving experience. Whether it be docking in tight quarters, reversing in a straight line or simply looking for more control on the open lake, the Nautique Steering Assist is your ally in the driver’s seat.

Garmin® Watch Integration

Garmin® Watch Integration

Utilize the Nautique app with an array of Garmin watches to remotely control the Surf Select 3.0 equipped GS24 while you surf or wakeboard. Change your boat’s speed, music volume, wave or wake settings, quickly use ballast shift, or change the wave side and transfer on the fly.

Nautique Configurable Running Surface

Nautique Configurable Running Surface® (NCRS)

The GS24 hull has been equipped with the Nautique Configurable Running Surface® (NCRS) that was developed for flawless performance at any speed for any activity. Select the Slalom Ski profile with Ski Assist, or quickly fill the internal ballast and you are ready to surf or wakeboard.

Nautique Surf System®

Nautique Surf System®

Seamlessly integrated into the hull of the 2024 GS24 is the Nautique Surf System with WAVEPLATE® technology. With the ability to shape up perfect surf waves on either side of the boat, the NSS utilizes the WAVEPLATE to extend outward and down to redirect the flow of water and to form the wave. Switch the side of the boat you’re surfing on instantly without the need to change up ballast or shift people in the boat and utilize the NSS settings to adjust the shape of your wave as well.