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Unique to Nautique

Our factory in Orlando, Florida is where every Nautique is built, assembled, and shipped off to our customers around the globe. While this is the place where a Nautique comes to life, many of the pieces and parts of a Nautique are built outside of our walls. In our Unique to Nautique video, we’re going to be visiting the world-class vendors that create all the high-quality components that make our Nautique boats so incredible. Come along and see what makes each Nautique amazing.

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Ski Nautique MicroTuners®

The patented and award-winning MicroTuner® technology aboard the Ski Nautique is a first-ever in the waterski world. These MicroTuners automatically deploy into the water at the transom of the hull and disrupt how water flows behind the boat. Skiers can keep their edge engaged while directly behind the boat, so they are able to load the line and generate speed to have more time at the next buoy. Learn more with this in-depth overview of our MicroTuners!

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G-Series vs Paragon Series Comparison

Let Team Nautique athlete Shaun Murray dive deep into the 2024 G-Series and all-new Paragon Series in this comparison video. See what makes these boats the best wakesurf boats and wakeboard boats on the water!

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