Exterior Features

Flight Control Tower®

The GS24 has two tower options for 2024. Our standard Flight Control Tower provides the perfect tow point for wakeboarding and wakesurfing, and manually folds for storage and travelling or navigating under bridges. You can also opt for the Actuated Flight Control Tower™ that folds down or up at the touch of a button.

Transom Seating

With an all-new design for 2024, the transom seats on the GS24 give you a better connection to your family and friends while relaxing at the back of the boat. Positioned adjacent to the swim platform, these rear-facing seats are angled slightly inward to allow for better engagement and are the perfect place to hang out and socialize while the boat is stationary.

Extended Sun Shade

Spend time in the shade at the transom thanks to the optional Extended Sun Shade. On sunny days, this shade can be used aft of the main bimini using clips and carbon fiber poles that make deployment quick and easy. Take it easy and enjoy this convenient sun shade when docked, rafted up or just stationary out on the lake.

Docking Light Array

Customize your GS24 with our optional Docking Light Array. Integrated into the bow design of the GS24, the ultra-bright LED docking light array provides excellent visibility when bringing your boat into your dock in low-light conditions. During the day, this light array acts as daytime running lights and gives the GS24 a distinctive appearance.

Dual Speaker Housings

Dual Speaker Housings

The 2024 Super Air Nautique GS24 has customized speaker housings when you opt for two pairs of JL Audio® M6 tower speakers. These enclosures match the lines of the GS24 and are available on both the Flight Control Tower and Actuated Flight Control Tower and compliment the overall look of this all-new model.



A sleek, modern windshield completes the look of the all-new Super Air Nautique GS24. Providing the driver with a clear view of their surroundings, this automotive-inspired windshield takes cues from the exterior of the GS24 and continues those lines for a well-thought-out look.

Bimini with Surf Pockets

Bimini with Surf Pockets

The wide coverage bimini is perfect for when your crew needs shade on those sunny days. Complimenting the look and feel of the GS24, use this bimini to keep your friends and family happy during sunny days on the water with added storage for two surfboards up top.

Phender Pro

Phender Pro®

Eliminate the hassle of tying the fenders on each cleat in preparation for docking with the optional Phender Pro System. This feature provides four quick-connect fender attachment points for convenient protection from docks, pylons or other boats and keeps your cleats available for dock lines.