Nautique Super Yacht Tender Division

Nautique Super Yacht Tender Division

Those who aspire to have the best in a watersports boat gravitate towards quality, performance and luxury.

That’s why we’ve meticulously developed our Nautique Super Yacht Tender Division in partnership with Superyacht Tenders & Toys®, a global leader in this service. Both companies share common core values like high-quality product offerings and a commitment to delivering unprecendented customer service. When yacht owners look for a tender that can provide endless watersports fun and experiences, Nautique is the clear choice.

Each super yacht presents a unique opportunity for Nautique to create a boat that is customized for specific circumstances. Whether it’s custom lifting points, distinctive tower folding options or removable windshields, the team at Nautique has the ability to seamlessly integrate our boats for their new home aboard any yacht.

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“We looked at the 3 watersports tender manufacturers and easily settled on Nautique for the build quality, appearance and warranty. Our tenders were delivered on time and the support and care we’ve had since is second to none.”

- Captain John Brining, M/Y Ulysses

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About Nautique Boat Company:

Nautique Boats is a world-renouned manufacturer of award-winning luxury wakesurf, wakeboard and water ski boats. We are a seasoned boat manufacturer that has been in business for 98 years and continue to innovate and differenciate ourselves from the competition.

All Nautique boats are designed to offer our customers:
• Superior Quality Build
• Inspiring Craftsmanship
• Performance that’s Second to None
• Luxurious Features/Ammenities
• Factory Authorized, Five-Year Warranty

As each super yacht has distinctive characteristics, the partnership with SYT&T ensures that all clients have the attention needed to build the perfect Nautique. In order to provide the best possible experience for yacht owners and captains, Nautique has developed a partnership with Superyacht Tenders and Toys (SYT&T) to ensure that all customers enjoy an easy and stress-free process when customizing a Nautique that fits their needs. Every step of the way, SYT&T will be there to facilitate and support the process. From the initial consultation to the design, creation and delivery of the Nautique to any destination anywhere in the world, the team from SYT&T will see that all of the logistics run as smooth as possible.

“At SYT&T, we look to surround ourselves with the best. Having worked with all of the large towboat manufacturers in the past, we have selected to work exclusively with Nautique. Superyachts is all about attention to detail and executing the perfect experience. Without question, a Nautique is the best quality towboat for our clients. Whether you are looking to ski, surf or wakeboard there is nothing comparable.”

-Josh Richardson, Managing Director SYT&T

About Superyacht Tenders & Toys:

SYT&T is the leading yacht tender and toy consultancy company specializing in providing yachts, owners and captains with a one-stop shop for all superyacht tenders and toy needs. Our goal is to deliver the very best solution for your needs. Built on the foundation of experience and a vast network of respectable relationships, SYT&T has the resources required to assist with any project or enquiry to suit your needs. Whether you’re an owner, captain or industry professional, SYT&T has a tailor-made solution for you.

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