MicroTuner technology

The patented and award-winning MicroTuner technology aboard the Ski Nautique is a first-ever in the waterski world. These MicroTuners automatically deploy into the water at the transom of the hull and disrupt how water flows behind the boat. That disruption causes water to fill in the troughs of the wake, which greatly reduces what skiers typically feel during that portion of the course. Skiers can keep their edge engaged while directly behind the boat so they are able to load the line and generate speed in order to have more time at the next buoy.

a wide array of engine options

The 2021 Ski Nautique is available with a wide array of engine options from Pleasurecraft® Marine Engines (PCM). The Ski Nautique comes standard with the reliable and proven performance of the PCM ZR4 engine. If you're looking for more power, precision and torque, upgrade to the groundbreaking PCM and GM Marine Engine Technology 5.3L ZZ5 Direct-Injection engine. If that isn’t enough, bump up to the ZZ6 version and go to 6.2L with ground-breaking performance.

surpassed all expectations

The Ski Nautique hull has surpassed all expectations for what a ski boat can do since its inception. Using a proprietary method of integrating carbon fiber along with fiberglass into the cored hull structure, the hull of the Ski Nautique has the perfect balance of strength and weight. Spray diffusers and the reverse chine areas of the hull force the spray of the boat parallel with the water’s surface, so it doesn’t disturb the wakes or bounce up and create unwanted spray for the skier. Additionally, there are specific hull features that create lift that keep the boat’s running attitude at the perfect angle to lessen the amount of wake it creates.