Posted on Friday, November 15, 2019

Cory Teunissen joined the Nautique team at the beginning of this year with the intention of creating a large impact. His influence in wakeboarding over the past few years has been strong with some large contest wins, mind-bending tricks and genuine presence around the sport and media that fans of all watersports gravitate towards. With an arsenal of tricks and a great ambassador for the sport, this Australian had a tremendous season riding behind his G23 at home and on the road.


We caught up with Cory this week when the smoke was just clearing from his incredible win at the Nautique Wakeboard World Championships in Mexico. In the final round of the final event of the season, Cory beat the odds with two incredible passes that landed him decisively in first place overtaking the sport’s very best. Cory sealed the win and brought home a World title, along with two overall titles from the Nautique Wake Series and WWA Wakeboard World Series.


To say it was a dramatic way to end the season would be the understatement of the year, and with Cory still glowing from the victory, we had the pleasure of delivering him his brand-new G23 Paragon. What better way to welcome him home than the chance to spend time behind the best wake boat we’ve ever created.

Congrats on an incredible season Cory! How did you feel going into the last event at Worlds in Mexico? 

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Honestly, it was a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me. I knew weeks before the event all the different scenarios for the title race. Harley was pretty far in front of myself and everyone else. He had to finish 5th and I had to win the event to take the overall title. So, I just figured Harley would've put a run down to solidify the title for the year but unfortunately it wasn't his day. Then, Nic (Rapa) and I were very close on points. I knew coming into it if I just did a similar run to Nic that he wouldn't place two spots higher than me which is what it would take for him to beat me. So, you could say that was my game plan going into the weekend, and I felt really confident. But things obviously changed. I had just flown from the other side of the world because I was in Doha, Qatar the weekend before and I felt terrible going into the weekend. Battling injuries and nagging pain in places that comes up from traveling so much in a short period of time. I ended up calling my brother the Friday night after the quarter finals and pretty much broke down. Long story short, he snapped me out of my negative self and set me up for the weekend. From there, I was on and felt good enough to get through the event.


So, you made it into the finals and then what? Were you expecting that outcome?
Once I was in the finals and both Nic and Harley were in the final it was on. I knew exactly what needed to be done. I was top seed going into it, so I could watch everyone ride before me. Once Nic and Harley rode I knew exactly what needed to happen and I went out and put something down that would put me and Nic in a very close situation, but enough for me to take the title.


Considering this is your first year in the Nautique team, what’s it been like riding behind the G23 at home every day?

It’s been a game changer! It really has. I always used to ride behind G's as much as I could but having one at my dock every day allowed me to be that much more confident coming into events. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and for me being in the heat of the moment at an event, and having a competitive mindset and being confident, it’s a must!  But from a riding stand point, I landed two new tricks this year that I have battled with for a while.


Did that make you more prepared when riding in the biggest events on the season?

Oh, completely! I think having a G to ride everyday has given me the clarity I need at home and at an event. 

Now let’s talk about what is at the end of your dock now, how has your new G23 Paragon been treating you? 

It’s been unreal! I was hoping to be a part of the testing stages of this boat but unfortunately just missed it, but this boat set out to tick three boxes. The first box, to make you feel special in a wakeboard boat and it to be the most exotic boat on the market. Second box, to have a better wakesurf wave then anything the company has produced before, and the third box is to have a best wake then what was already the standard in the sport. It honestly ticks all these boxes with ease. It's been the first time I've had to get used to the sheer size and mass of a wake since the original G23 got released years ago. So, that was hard to get used to at first, but the wake itself is straight up bigger than a loaded G23. I have unfortunately just left to go back home to Australia, but when I get to spend some good time behind it, I think it will be a big contributor of the progression of wakeboarding and the G23 Paragon is definitely setting the new standard. 

Do you see the wake changing things for you? Any tricks you’ve got your eye on now? 

Of course. I think for the first little bit it will allow me to do tricks that I've only done a couple times consistently. Which will make a big impact on the sport. But then the door is wide open. My mind is already going crazy on things I want to try. Anything is possible. But like anyone else in my position knows, when you try to push the limits of a sport, sometimes the limits push back.


What are some of your favorite features inside the boat? 

The dual screens are a flex for sure. But for practicality, I have to put the tower down to get a boat in my boat lift so the telescoping tower that comes down into itself with a push of a button changes everything for me. Plus, you can surf with the tower all the way down which gives you the feeling of being in a cabin-like boat which is dope. But I'm a wakeboarder, and the wake on the Paragon is insane. It really is hard to explain but it has so much size and thickness to it. It's different, which is a good thing.

Been having fun taking a few wakesurf sets? 

Oh, I've been loving it! Plus, it was good timing with the boat. The season for me is done so it was nice to just chill, take mates out on the boat and surf or just cruise. But you're right, I've been surfing on it a ton. I’ll go on the record and say that Noah Flegel bet me $5,000 cash if I ever beat him in a wakesurf event. I’ve never had any interest but now because of how fun it is to surf behind the boat I might actually try and see how good I can get (laughs).


So, now that you’re one season in, tell us a little about riding for Nautique. What else has been a highlight? 

It has been very refreshing being so welcomed. I love everyone behind the scenes at Nautique and I feel at home. It was definitely the right decision and I am very proud to say that I am a Nautique athlete. My first year was one for the books and I'm excited to see what is to come in the future for myself, for Nautique and for the sport.