Super Air Nautique G25 Paragon

perfect visibility of
your surroundings

Sit down at the helm of the brand-new G25 Paragon and you’ll notice a few things. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the design of the Paragon dashboard allows you to have perfect visibility of your surroundings and the ability to change settings or view the boat’s vital information with ease. Dual LINC Panoray displays allow you to view critical information on the left display and utilize the touchscreen on the right display to make any adjustments. The Helm Command rotary dial and touch pad provide everything you need to adjust settings while sitting comfortably in the best helm seat on the market. A conveniently placed phone holder provides easy access to your device.

watch all the action

Convert the spacious lounge of the G25 Paragon in multiple ways with the standard reversible stern seat. Keep the lounge social with a bench seat across the back or slide it out into one of the three rear-facing positions to watch all the action. The first two rear-facing positions make it perfect to watch what’s going on behind the boat and still have space in the lounge, while the third position aligns perfectly with the port and starboard flip-up lounge seats to create a long bench seating area that spans the width of the entire boat.

the best sound experience
you can ask for

Standard on the G25 Paragon are 4 JL Audio M6 880x tower speakers for the best sound experience you can ask for. Located inside dual speaker housings, these tower speakers deliver crisp sound to the rider, and also seamlessly tie into the aesthetic of the Telescoping Flight Control Tower. The undersides of the G25 Paragon tower speakers are upholstered to match the cockpit interior, and they also sport a unique signature speaker grill and down lighting, further separating the Paragon from anything else.