Super Air Nautique G23

Designed off the footprint
of the award-winning G23 Paragon

Designed off the footprint of the award-winning G23 Paragon, the all-new Super Air Nautique G23 delivers the ultimate wakesurf waves and wakeboard wakes for any level of rider. With the ability to shape up the perfect wave that can be completely customized based on your preference, the G23 is the best wakesurf boat in the industry. Thanks to specific hull characteristics, surf waves have never been better and more configurable. Add that to the wakeboard wakes that will satisfy the sport’s best all the way to the those just looking to have fun, the G23 has raised the bar for what is possible in a wake boat.

For even more power

The Super Air Nautique G23 comes equipped with the PCM® direct-injection 6.2L PCM ZZ6 that delivers 450 horsepower and 465 ft-lbs of torque. For even more power, the G23 has three other engine options: the 7.4L naturally aspirated PCM ZR7, the Yanmar 8LV Diesel engine that delivers 595 ft-lbs of torque, or the most powerful engine in the industry in the all-new PCM ZZ8 that provides 600 horsepower and 608 ft-lbs of torque!

Nautique Surf System (NSS)
with WAVEPLATE® technology

The all-new G23 incorporates the Nautique Surf System (NSS) with WAVEPLATE® technology. Integrated into the hull of the new G23, the WAVEPLATE on the G23 was designed to work in concert with the hull to provide the best, most configurable surf waves you could desire. The WAVEPLATE extends outward and down from the transom to redirect the flow of water forming the perfect customizable wave on either side of the G23. The NSS allows surfers to switch sides instantly without the need to change up ballast or shift people in the boat, and it also includes variable settings that can adjust the steepness and shape of your wave while you surf.