Interior Features

G23 Paragon Helm

The design of the G23 Paragon dashboard allows for the driver to have perfect visibility of their surroundings while also having the opportunity to change settings or view information with ease. Dual LINC Panorays allow the driver to view critical information on the left display and make adjustments on the right display while the Helm Command rotary dial, phone holder and touch pad provide everything the driver needs for comfortably driving down the lake.


The bow of the G23 Paragon takes on multiple forms. Two comfortable lounge seats with dual, retractable armrests fill out the sides of the bow, while the center can be converted with two different pop-in cushions. Create a large padded lounge area in the bow or flip the cushion over to create a Nauteak Non-Skid covered step area that flows throughout the length of the boat and creates the perfect walkway to enter or exit through the center of the bow.

Helm Command

Perfectly positioned on the armrest directly above the throttle, the Helm Command rotary dial on the G23 Paragon allows you to quickly scroll through menus and settings on the Dual LINC Panoray displays. While underway, the Helm Command makes it easy to make adjustments on the interactive touchscreen on the right-hand side of the helm while sitting back comfortably.

Tower Speakers

The G23 Paragon comes standard with four JL Audio M6 880x tower speakers for the best sound experience imaginable. Located inside dual speaker housings, these tower speakers deliver crisp sound to the rider, and seamlessly tie into the aesthetic of the Telescoping Flight Control Tower. The undersides of the Paragon tower speakers are upholstered to match the cockpit interior, and they also sport a unique signature speaker grill, further elevating the Paragon above anything else.

Actuated Helm Seat

Actuated Helm Seat

The G23 Paragon takes the best helm seat in the industry and elevates it to another level. Designed to provide you with unmatched comfort and support while behind the wheel, the Paragon helm seat can slide forward and reverse with the touch of a button. Whether you're driving down the lake or relaxing with friends, this versatile seat is comfortable in any position.

Reversible Dual-Position Stern Seat

Reversible Dual-Position Stern Seat

Convert your lounge in multiple ways with the reversible stern seat on the Paragon. Quickly slide it out into the first position and flip it up so you can comfortably watch all the action. Slide it back into a second position in the lounge, and it aligns perfectly with the port and starboard flip-up lounge seats creating a long bench seating area that spans the width of the entire boat.

Dual LINC Panoray Displays

Dual LINC Panoray Displays

Dual LINC Panoray displays are presented side-by-side and off-set to provide depth in a layout that delivers you with the ultimate driving experience. The 12.4” LINC Panoray interactive touchscreen on the right-hand side allows you to easily change settings and make adjustments on the fly. The gauge screen on the left is set back into the dashboard and displays all the vital information about your boat. With this screen, items like speed, fuel level, ballast levels, temperature and other important information can be seen with a quick glance. Dispersing all information and settings across two screens simplifies the driving experience with the interactive touchscreen being more efficient to navigate, and the gauge screen highlighting critical information in a large format.

JL Audio® M6 Stereo with WakeSub

JL Audio® M6 Stereo with WakeSub™

The Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon comes standard with the complete JL Audio® M6 Series Studio Elite stereo package with DSP technology. This includes the JL Audio MM105s head unit, six JL Audio M6 speakers throughout the boat, two 12” subwoofers, the JL Audio Wavefront™, four M6 880x tower speakers inside dual speaker housings, a transom-mounted stereo remote and a JL Audio Monoblock Amplifier. You can opt for the JL Audio WakeSub which brings two 12” subwoofers into the aft portion of the boat that are ported out the sides of the hull to bring the full sound stage to the rider so they can hear and feel the bass perfectly. With the WakeSub and zone control functionality, the sound is isolated in different areas inside the boat but also incorporates a wake zone so the rider can choose to be fully immersed in sound or not.