Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon

perfect visibility of
your surroundings

The design of the G23 Paragon dashboard allows for the driver to have perfect visibility of their surroundings while also having the opportunity to change settings or view information with ease. Dual LINC Panorays allow the driver to view critical information on the left display, and make adjustments on the right display while the Helm Command rotary dial, phone holder and touch pad provide everything the driver needs to sit comfortably driving down the lake.

the best sound
experience imaginable.

The G23 Paragon comes standard with 4 JL Audio M6 880x tower speakers for the best sound experience imaginable. Located inside dual speaker housings, these tower speakers deliver crisp sound to the rider, and also seamlessly tie into the aesthetic of the Telescoping Flight Control Tower. The undersides of the Paragon tower speakers are upholstered to match the cockpit interior, and they also sport a unique signature speaker grill, further separating the Paragon from anything else.

quickly scroll through
menus and settings

Perfectly positioned on the armrest directly above the throttle, the Helm Command rotary dial on the G23 Paragon allows you to quickly scroll through menus and settings on the Dual LINC Panoray displays. While underway, the Helm Command makes it easy to make adjustments on the interactive touchscreen on the right-hand side of the helm while sitting back comfortably.