Interior Features

G23 Paragon Helm

The G23 Paragon brings the driving experience to an entirely new echelon. With the most-advanced technology on board combined with carefully thought-out ergonomics, this model is a boat driver’s dream. The 15” Dual LINC Panoray displays and Helm Command Center set the stage for a pleasurable time at the wheel, with the Actuated Helm Seat making sure your days on the water are as comfortable as they are fun.

Reversible Dual-Position
Stern Seat

Convert your lounge in multiple ways with the reversible stern seat on the Paragon. Quickly slide it out into the first position and flip it up so you can comfortably watch all the action. Slide it back into a second position in the lounge, and it aligns perfectly with the port and starboard flip-up lounge seats creating a long bench seating area that spans the width of the entire boat.


The G23 Paragon has a luxurious bow design with seating for up to 4 people. With armrests all around including the interior flip-ups, there are 8 cup holders and ample storage under the port and starboard seats. You can also opt for our bow filler cushion to complete the lounge, and with it flipped upside down, you can walk from stem to stern, never stepping on upholstery.

Tower Speakers

The G23 Paragon comes standard with four JL Audio M6 880x tower speakers for the best sound experience imaginable. Located inside dual speaker housings, these tower speakers deliver crisp sound to the rider, and seamlessly tie into the aesthetic of the Telescoping Flight Control Tower. The undersides of the Paragon tower speakers are upholstered to match the cockpit interior, and they also sport a unique signature speaker grill, further elevating the Paragon above anything else.

Dual LINC Panoray Displays

Dual LINC Panoray Displays

Something that has always set the Paragon apart is the Dual LINC Panoray Displays. At 15”, these large touchscreens provide you with ultimate control of your G23 Paragon. They are presented side-by-side and off-set to provide depth in a layout that delivers the ultimate driving experience. On the right-hand side you can easily change settings and make adjustments on the fly. The gauge screen on the left is set back into the dashboard and displays all the vital information about your boat. With this screen, speed, fuel level, ballast levels, temperature and other important information can be seen with a quick glance. Dispersing all information and settings across two screens simplifies the driving experience with the righttouchscreen being more efficient to navigate, and the gauge touchscreen highlighting critical information in a large format.

Helm Command Center

Helm Command Center

Located on the armrest, the Helm Command Center aboard the G23 Paragon provides you with easy access to control everything on your Paragon. First, there’s the original Helm Command knob that gives you complete control over your Dual LINC Panoray Displays. There is a separate knob for your stereo so you can adjust the volume, play, pause or skip to the next song without sorting through any menus. There is also a magnetic phone mount with wireless charging and an easy-to-use clip that locks any sized phone into place.

JL Audio® M6 Stereo with WakeSub

JL Audio® M6 Stereo with WakeSub™

The Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon comes standard with the complete JL Audio® M6 Series Studio Elite stereo package with DSP technology. This includes the JL Audio head unit, six JL Audio M6 speakers throughout the boat, two 12” subwoofers, the JL Audio Wavefront™, four M6 tower speakers inside dual speaker housings, a transom-mounted stereo remote and a JL Audio Monoblock Amplifier. Standard on the Paragon is the JL Audio WakeSub. This gives you two additional 12” subwoofers that are in custom compartments ported out of the transom of the boat for a grand total of four 12” subwoofers inside your Paragon.

Actuated Helm Seat

Actuated Helm Seat

The G23 Paragon takes the best helm seat in the industry and elevates it to another level. The actuated helm seat comes standard on the Paragon models and can be adjusted forward, backwards, up or down. You can also move in two directions simultaneously with an intuitive control knob. With a cut out for easy entry and exit, this seat provides a ton of comfort, keeping you locked in as you drive down the lake.

Jewelry Drawer

Valuables Drawer

The G23 Paragon comes standard with a valuables drawer for personal items. Placed conveniently in the bow walkthrough, this drawer was designed to keep important items such as watches, rings or keys safe and secure while you’re out on the water.

Start / Stop Button

Start / Stop Button

Easily power your G23 Paragon on and off with the engine start and stop button. Adjacent to the steering wheel, this button will engage your engine with an option to add a numerical security code via the LINC Panoray Touchscreen.


Throw Pillows

Keep your crew comfortable with the optional throw pillows. With two pillows per set, these are color matched to your interior and can be placed in various locations throughout the boat to add yet another level of luxury to your G23 Paragon.


Rear Hatches with Board Management

The Board Management System acts like a filing system for your boards to stay safe and secure. A push-button actuator opens the hatch to a large storage area beneath the rear transom seats, where you’re able to stow away wakeboards, wakesurfers, life jackets and other watersports essentials.