Nautique Swervin Weekends

Nautique Swervin' Weekends

All Events Cancelled for 2021

Created from the desire to get more people on the water to enjoy the sport of waterskiing, Nautique Swervin’ Weekends is a completely free event for participants who sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis with lunch and snacks provided as well. There are limited spots at each event, and each stop will have a Nautique pro waterskier on hand to help teach newcomers how to waterski and to provide tips and technique for those who want to improve their skiing.

Support for Nautique Swervin’ Weekends is provided by HO Skis, USA Waterski and the AWSA. Skis, vests, gloves, ropes, handles and much more are available to use from HO ensuring everyone can get out on the water and have fun. Not only will HO be providing any gear you’d like to try, but they’re also picking up the bill for your USA Water Ski membership for the day as well.